tina tek "To be beautiful is to be visible. To be able to command attention, envy, reverence, and even inspire love."
Anonymous asked:

Hi Tina! I am trying to change my closet. What are your essentials? Like the basics we all should have in our wardrobe.

That really depends on your personal style. My essentials would be boyfriend jeans, blue denim, white and black skinny jeans, leather pants, leather skit, leather shorts, basic tanks, tees and long sleeves, striped tees and long sleeves, pea coat, trench coat, long cardigans, silk camisoles, bomber jacket, puffer jacket, denim jacket, denim shirt, long basic dresses,  oversized sweaters x

Anonymous asked:

Hi! Anything you gonna buy from thee shopbop sale? :)) I donno what handbag i should get and I think now is the perfect time to, would love ur suggestions.

I was going to buy a pair of shoes from Alexander Wang but of course that brand wasn’t on sale, so i didn’t end up buying anything. Sorry this is too late of a reply as the sale is already over! But i hope you managed to get a nice bag on sale :) 

Anonymous asked:

I got the Michael kors large Selma from shopbop for $300 ! :) also is there any particular Alexander wang that you recommend ? Maybe it'll be my next purchase :))

What a bargain! I really like the Rockie from Alexander Wang but it’s just so heavy! x

Anonymous asked:

Hey Tina, I just wanted to ask, when you purchase designer items (over 800-1000$) from international websites like saks, netaporter etc. Do you have to pay anything additional when it arrives at your doorstep? Or is the price you checkout with on the website final? Thanks for answering! :)

I’ve never had to pay any additional tax and duty fees when purchasing from luxury boutiques because most luxury boutiques will cover the cost of those fees. Just make sure before you “checkout” that you read everything properly as some websites may not cover those costs, but the really popular ones like Net-A-Porter do x

Anonymous asked:

Hey Tina, I'm in year 12 and my formal is soon approaching. What stores do you recommend buying formal dresses from? I don't want to spend over $300. :)

Dress wise.. $300 is pretty much the average price most people pay for formal dresses these days, so you’re most likely going to end up wearing the same thing as other people. I know Sheike and Forever New are in that price range. You could then also get your dress tailor made or even approach an up and coming aspiring designer, that could charge you around that price but design something suited to your dress sense. My friend emszhang designs dresses, maybe you can contact her! Other than that, you can try online like thedollhousexoxo.com.au or even ASOS! x

Anonymous asked:

Also where's the best place to get my hair and makeup done for formal? Do you know if Mecca is good?

I’d probably recommend Bobbi Brown??? The makeup artists from the BB counter always has really great makeup, and it’s not over done, flawless but clean. Not sure about Mecca. If you’re from Sydney, you could even check out tina_yong or linda_mua from Instagram. They’re both amazing makeup artists that does both hair and makeup! x

Anonymous asked:

Do you own the black and gold curler that is 38mm. Im looking on hair house warehouse. Also how do you do it. Do you use the clamp or not. Thanks x

Yup it’s the black and gold one. I’m sure it should be 38mm, i just remember that it’s 1 1/2 inch. I don’t use the clamp, i just wrap my hair around it. I only use the clamps for the ends of my hairs! x

Anonymous asked:

What shade are you in Maybelline Fit Me Concealer? x

25 x

calistaxan asked:

hello love, I am curious to get lash extensions. just wondering if you ever had them and whats your opinion? i am lazy to do makeup everyday haha

I wouldn’t recommend getting eyelash extensions. I got mine done years ago and they ruined my natural eyelashes which are now uneven!!!! If you do want to get them done, make sure you get them done and taken off from a professional x

Anonymous asked:

Aww hun you're so helpful - thank you for posting a photo for me of your hair LOL. You're the bessssstt!! Happy Easter :) x

No worries, glad to help! Have a great Easter too! x

Anonymous asked:

Is your chanel classic gold flat the gold plated one? How long ago did you purchase it and how much was it if you don't mind me asking? Also would you recommend the lamb skin or caviar leather? Thanks!! X

Yes my classic flap has gold hardware. I purchased mine in 2009 and the price was much cheaper than it is now. I prefer caviar just because it’s more durable x

Anonymous asked:

hey babe, have you tried hourglass ambient lighting powder? what colour are you/or what colour would you be? thank you x

Yes, I use dim light x

Anonymous asked:

how do you curl your hair?

I use the Babyliss Pro 1 1/2 inch curling iron x

Anonymous asked:

Tina I think I saw your boyfriend at cabra the other day! Was hoping to meet you!!

Hahaha yeah he was on Friday? You just missed me, he was walking me to the train station! x


This looks fucking divine.