tina tek "To be beautiful is to be visible. To be able to command attention, envy, reverence, and even inspire love."
Anonymous asked:

You bought so many things!! Will you doing a haul? If not, what are a few things you got?

I couldn’t resist haha especially since half of the makeup I bought was tax free!!!!! I’ll probably post what I bought in a blog post :)

Pretty sure I’m done with buying makeup for the rest of the year 😂
Hiking…..but first, lemme take a selfie 🙊🙊 (at Diamond Head Lookout)
I could stare at this all day 😍 (sorry for the sunset spam guys haha 😛)
This sunset is perfection 🌅 (at Sheraton Waikiki)
Told you the views are TDF 😍 (at Diamond Head Lookout)
Hiked to the top of Diamond Head this morning. My legs are seriously jelly rn, but the views are TDF! 🌳🌿 (at Diamond Head Lookout)
Yeap, I did it. 🙈
Did I or didn’t I? 🙊 #saintlaurent (at Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche)
Aloha! Dinner cruise with a view 😍 (at Star of Honolulu Cruises)
Anonymous asked:

What are a few of your favorite makeup products from Sephora?

Welllll Sephora carries a shitload of products and brands, so I can’t exactly narrow it down to what my favourites are. Maybe if you break it down into specific brand or type of product like concealer, blush etc would be easier to answer!

Couldn’t resist 🙊
A girls best tanning friend. @carrot_sun @zimmermann_ #hotdogs (at Infinity Pool @ Sheraton Waikiki Beach)
Lazing around all day by the pool on my beanbag floatie 👙☀️ (at Infinity Pool @ Sheraton Waikiki Beach)
I never want to leave!! #waikikibeach (at Waikiki Beach, Hawaii U.S.A)