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Anonymous asked:

do you get free stuff from Nars? :O

Yes I did


Copenhagen, Denmark ( by Ramblersen)

Vilnius, Lithuania
Missing this view. (at Waikiki Beach, Hawaii U.S.A)

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Anonymous asked:

Hi how you take care of your red bottoms. Did you get invisible sole of anything to prevent scratches? Do you recommend doing anything? Thanks

I don’t do anything to them. I just wear them as is. There’s no point in getting soles put on your shoes- shoes were made to be worn! If you’re going to bother putting soles on brand new shoes then I don’t really think there’s a point in buying them as you’re treating the shoe more like a decoration haha that’s just my personal opinion. If you’re bothered, you can put soles on them I just personally wouldn’t bother

Anonymous asked:

Hi Tina, would you know how much the Ferragamo jelly flats are? I'm looking for the one with the shoe with the metal piece on it. Not too sure what's it called lol. Thanks in advance ! :)

You’re probably talking about the Bermuda. They are $320 from memory

Anonymous asked:

I'm about to buy my very first red bottom heel. It's a very expensive so I want to know if you have any tips on deciding the perfect time pair. I have decided to he black and 120 but I can't decide between the bianca and neofilo what's your thought and tips also any tips on sizing to ensure its comfortable?

Get whichever pair you want, I can’t tell you which to get because we probably don’t share the same taste in clothes or fashion. The Bianca’s are a classic pair, so you can probably get those if you’re after an investment piece. In terms of what can make them comfortable haha there isn’t really anything you can do. Louboutins are the most uncomfortable heels I’ve ever worn and i personally regret wasting money on them because they honestly just sit in the shoebox collecting dust. The style is also so simple, you’re really paying for the red bottoms. I prefer Saint Laurent and Jimmy Choo tbh

Anonymous asked:

hey Tina do you know how to get rid of colour bleeding on clothes? I have a pair of white and black pants but the black transferred to the white parts when i put it in the wash :( any suggestions on how to fix this?

Nope sorry, I wouldn’t have a clue. Maybe try getting them dry cleaned

Anonymous asked:

Hey ! in what order did you travel around USA? What are the definite must eats in USA?

Anaheim for Disneyland then drove to Vegas, drove to LA then flew to New York. I wasn’t focused on food much when I was there. I guess In-N-Out burger if you’re in the west coast, and Shake Shack when you’re in the east

Anonymous asked:

how much did you buy the Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet Smooth-Effect Makeup foundation for? (and where? :))

I bought it in New York from Saks Fifth Avenue but you can purchase it from any Chanel makeup counter in MYER or David Jones. I don’t remember how much I paid for it, it would probably around $50 USD

Anonymous asked:

do you wear your isabel marant wedged sneakers often? what do you think of them? is it easy to style with clothes :)

Yeah I wear them heaps, my jeans have bled on the inside of the shoes haha I usually wear them with an all black outfit. Yeah pretty easy to style, you can google it and get inspired by the celebrity outfits because loads of them wear it

Anonymous asked:

What kind if bags would you use for uni?

It’s just uni, no need to wear anything nice haha I’d just use a basic black tote or a backpack